Friday, August 19, 2011

UMvC3: Dr. Strange & Nemesis

So, I'm a tad late with this one but a few days ago at Gamescon two new character trailers were released. Although we already knew about these two thanks to the leak, gameplay of them is awesome to see. I personally can't wait for Dr. Strange to fight alongside Spidey/Iron Fist/Strider/Phoenix Wright/... wow I gotta lot of characters I wanna main.

Nemesis looks like a beast Hulk with a badass theme. One vid shows off his punching hyper going through Chun's Kikosho hyper. While the Doctor looks like a crazy Dormammu. Get Hype Y'all!

Friday, August 12, 2011

MW3: Spec Ops Survival

Hello all. I share with you today an epic trailer showing off a survival co-op mode in the upcoming November release.

A few things to note:
  • This is a two-player only co-op mode
  • It is a survival mode similar to zombies but has a ranking system
  • There are three different areas to buy equipment, weapons, and support each
  • Juggernauts make a return as well as dogs but with an explosive surprise
  • There will be perks available in this mode that won't be available in multiplayer
  • All the multiplayer maps will be used in the survival mode
  • Finally, the end show a teaser of multiplayer gameplay

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Been a while. Evo plus work distracted me. Anyway, here is the information on MW3.

It was released a long while ago that this would be a direct sequel picking up right where MW2 left off. The story will be based off a large scale war. Almost a WWIII taking place in multiple countries. No word from multiplayer until Fall other than the trailer. Next is a list of all the confirmed guns.

Barrett .50cal
Scar L
Ak 47

Finally I leave you with the MW3 trailer released in May